About Us​

DoughBox Wood Fired Pizza and Pasta

Tony Visca and Fern Colavecchia are proud Niagara residents and have always stretched their entrepreneurial legs locally in the Niagara Region. They are no strangers to the Niagara community and look forward to making the same connections and friendships in your community. Community focus is always their priority. 

Tony and Fern’s decades of experience and knowledge utilizing a wood-fired oven, stretching the perfect dough, and wowing guests with their cuisine is incomparable. It’s fair to say that Tony and Fern have artisanal wood-fired pizza and pasta in their blood.

DoughBox Wood-Fired Pizza & Pasta takes the next step in the pizza revolution by getting back to the basics within a quick-service environment. Our signature freshly stretched dough, homemade sauces, wide range of premium ingredient choices, and the flavor of a woodfired oven will bring you to taste bud nirvana.

Fern and Tony have created an energetic, witty, imaginative, edgy, warm, and welcoming atmosphere at DoughBox Wood-Fired Pizza & Pasta. They want to personally invite you to ignite all your senses and experience DoughBox today.